Welcome to Techno Light

Techno Light is a reputed supplier & installer of innovative and energy efficient customized LED lighting and other light fixtures in India.

From 2004, Techno Light has been continuously growing and excelling in the field of lighting solutions and since then we have gained excellence, confidence and reputation from various architects, electrical consultants, contractors and end users.

We specialize in LED Fixutres, Downlight, Track Lights, Spotlights, Ambient, Wall fixtures, Suspension Lighting for indoors and outdoors.

With professional experience and concentration for years now, we have been producing more than one thousand different kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting for the decoration of various modern, large scale construction projects.

For achieving customer’s best lighting effects, we design and produce innovative lights, which keeping abreast of industry trends. Considering environmental hazards in mind such as global warming we believe that environment friendly lighting is the future of lighting, and is here.

Techno Light's LED lighting solutions are being used for variety of purposes such as:

Outdoor Lighting: Architectural & decorative lighting, facade lighting, industrial lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape & underwater lighting, street lighting, flood lighting, signages, other outdoor applications.

Indoor Lighting: Decorative lighting, accent lighting, border/contour lighting, auditorium walkway lighting, stairway accent lighting, retail & jewellery lighting, concealed lighting and cove lighting.

We will be happy to discuss your lighting ideas and requirements with you directly. For more details on our product range and specifications write to us at info@technolight.com